Infographic: New Survey of Palestinian opinion

Palestinian opinion poll graphic

It can be a startling for Westerners to see a scientific poll of Palestinian residents asking, among other things, if they are in favor of a third intifada, but it is an improvement over the not-too-distant past when far too few people cared what Palestinians thought. When the first intifada erupted in December of 1987 it was a surprise and shock to many, including Yasser Arafat.

The following infographic summarizes the results of the first ten poll questions posed by the Arab World for Research and Development, a research and strategy organization in Palestine. It is the result of polling of 1,200 Palestinians, broken down by whether the respondents were from Gaza or the West Bank. More details about the poll that was released on February 6, 2016 can be found here. My thanks to the veteran reporter Daoud Kuttab for highlighting the results on Twitter.

The following questions focus on Palestinians view of the current situation and the prospect for the future given the recent spike in violence since October 2015. There were more poll questions asked about the Palestinian leadership will be the subject of a future infographic.

Survey of Palestinian Opinion…

Right or wrong direction?

1. In general, would you say that things in Palestine are heading in the right direction or the wrong direction?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Right or wrong direction?

Optimistic or pessimistic?

2. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Optimistic or pessimistic?

Family’s economic situation

3. Is your family’s economic situation better or worse than it was a year ago?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Family's economic situation

Internal security better or worse?

4. Do you feel that internal security in your region has improved or diminished during the past year?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Internal security better or worse?

Effect on financial decisions

5. Has the current round of protests affected major purchases or financial decisions (land, apartment, appliances, travel, education, etc?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Effect on financial decisions

Effect on business investment

6. Compared to one year ago, do you believe that the current environment is more or less conducive to business investment?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Effect on business investment

Most significant impact on you or family

7. What has been the most significant impact on you or your family since the recent round of troubles began in October?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Most significant impact on you or family

Support or oppose third intifada

8. At this moment, do you support or oppose a Third Intifada?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Support or oppose third intifada

Intifada impact on statehood

9. Do you believe that a new Intifada would advance or impede the Palestinian quest towards statehood?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Intifada impact on statehood

Dissolve Palestinian Authority?

10. In light of current events (demonstrations, lack of progress towards state), would you support dissolving the Palestinian Authority and returning full authority in the West Bank to Israel?

Palestinian Opinion Poll: Dissolve Palestinian Authority?

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